Bonnie Coat


This is our beautiful Bonnie Coat made Upcycled Plastic.

We save up to 36% Co2, 39% Energy and 34% Water.  That’s on everything we make from Upcycled Plastic.  Working hand in glove with Upcycled Marine plastic and Landfill plastic.

*Please note we are able to take custom orders for all products.  Please contact us for details.

Custom Option

This item can be custom made to suit your design/business needs. If you wish to have your item customised, please email


100% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester, containing Upcycled Marine Plastic.


Please note this item can take up to 7 – 21 days to be delivered. An email will be sent when dispatched. If you are looking to order a large quantity please contact the team on the information below.

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