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A Different Ball Game

A Different Ball Game together with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE aims to lead the way throughout the United Kingdom.  In the education of using Upcycled Plastics instead of making new from crude oil, we are now turning plastic into clothing by working with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

Going forward we will not just be making clothing, we will produce many other products that the pellets lend themselves to, for example, bags for life from PP pellets, designer clothing from PET and many forms of merchandising from HTPE Pellets.

We can use all forms of plastic that have already been created for many different items and keep Upcycling them into a wider range of products, this way we do not need to create new plastics for at least the next few generations, helping to solve the serious problem we have with climate change.

Clothes Made From Plastic

Working closely with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE we have now been able to fulfil a dream!  Making quality clothing from Upcycled Plastics

We have created garments like coats, umbrellas, workwear, hoodies, tents the list goes on, we have made these accessible to everyone!

We are passionate about giving back where we can, so for every sale we make, DBG donates 10% to the WWF and 10% Football For Peace.


Every year 12 million tons of plastic ends up in our ocean. This is killing our sea life, but we can change this!

Our consumer choices can reduce the amount of plastic that goes into our oceans.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to end plastic pollution and tell the world about how much damage it is doing to our environment.

Our MISSION is to inform and inspire what we do and how we make a difference, and our GOAL is to change the public’s behaviour and show the alternatives to end plastic pollution.

Not only do we want to end plastic pollution, but we also want to help other organizations and charities along the way.


We have wheelie bins in many locations encouraging people to Upcycle, the plastic we collect from our bins will create future merchandise for our clients, that way it stops the plastic ending up in the oceans and landfill sites around the world.

There are so many things we can create from Upcycled Plastic.  We are hoping that we will never have to make anything from new plastic.  If we all recycle just think what a difference we can make together.

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