David Attenborough’s evidence for nature getting extinct and its solution
Posted on 02/11/2020

During first 50 years of Sir David Attenborough’s age, the population on this earth has increased by 100%. It had a multiplied impact on the environment.

Sir David Attenborough is a famous documentary producer and environmental activist. His documentaries were a masterpiece of aesthetics and comprehensive, but there was criticism about his detail for hiding accurate levels of environmental issues.

The documentary a life on the Planet is about the deterioration environment and its solutions

Again, David Attenborough demonstrates his expertise, research, and concerns about the environment in his documentary about nature. Watching it on Netflix may provide you an insight into the deteriorating condition of nature. There is a criticism about false exaggeration in his documentaries about nature that are about nature and environmental impacts. Attenborough has provided a firsthand overview of this Planet’s changes due to the environment during his 94 years of life. He offers some solutions for this crisis of natural existence. In the concluding remarks, Attenborough points out the adverse impact on human life due to environmental change. He proves that these changes are a threat to biodiversity.



Beginning of crisis

Attenborough had witnessed the initiation of this crisis. At his young age, he found the extinct species in quarries in 1937. At that time, the wilderness on this Planet was 66 percent. The world was a stable place to live in. it has a real garden of Eden or a paradise for human existence. Then there was an agricultural revolution, and the world population started increasing due to the excess of food and other facilities. In 1954, when Attenborough produced the Zoo Quest series, the wilderness decreased to 64 percent astonishingly.

In 1960, Bernard Grzimek depicted the fact that there was a need to reserve huge areas for wildlife if we want it to avoid extinction. There should be places like Serengeti to protect wildlife. The area of the wilderness was 62 percent to increase in population. Then space missions were en, and it creased a notion that the world was lonely. It is a rock that is surrounded by water. We became sensitive about our earth, and we understood that we should care for it.

Our life on this planet depends on resources, and the life factors define our existence on Planet. In 1978, Attenborough provided us an insight into our resemblance to closest species, the gorillas; in this new documentary, the Life on Earth series, there was another decrease in the area of wilderness, which fluctuated to 55%. Attenborough says that extinction is occurring during the period of his life.

During the fifty years of his life, the population grew 100%. This growth made our predators extinct, and we cured and treated ourselves for diseases. According to Attenborough, we can check this phenomenon; nothing can stop this from occurring. We have cleared the forests and polluted the water sources. These things led to the extinction of species. We have dropped our polluted water into oceans, and sea life has been abolished. The wilderness on this earth is only 46 percent, and the number of domestic birds is 70%; we have tamed the wildlife.

Attenborough is concerned about the bleak future of this Planet. We have made species extinct, and our actions in this respect are reprehensible. A Life on our Planet offers us a clear picture that gets his little daughter into tears.

We need not eventuate this future; we can avoid it we have will power. Attenborough emphasizes the need for action.

He provides us a solution. Our whaling hunts result in the extinction of whales. But there was a halt when due to awareness, society modified its perspective and conceded it as an unacceptable practice. It led to campaigns to recover wildlife. Now the number of mountain gorillas has increased considerably, owing to top wildlife conservation campaigns. As a whole, we should recognize the need for efforts to conserve wildlife, and its destruction should be abolished forthwith.



Attenborough offers us several solutions. We should strive for the abolishment of such practices that lead to species extinction. Here are some solutions.


Education and awareness

Education and learning may cause a growth of wealth and a reduction in birth rates. It solves the overpopulation issue.

We spend a lot of our wealth on food, energy bills, or housing. We should make efforts to end it and don’t waste our wealth.




We should abolish nationalism. We should recognize that all humans have a right to live. If we don’t try to make our earth a green place, we will be devastated; we should address the biodiversity crisis. We should boost interaction between the nations and reinforce our effects to end intergenerational inequity.


Listen to experts

We should pay heed to what environmental experts are saying. Scientists have been conducting researches and offering us solutions for many years. It is the politics that are playing the game and overlooking the grim and dark future ahead.

Chernobyl nuclear facility incident was perhaps the most significant environmental accident on our earth, and it had long-lasting adverse impacts on our Planet. According to Attenborough, we should not lose our hope and can still avoid destruction. If we retreat ourselves, nature will again come back. We can do a lot. Evacuation from the wilderness will bring back the greenery. If we remove people from forests, there will again be lions roaring there. Nature is responsive if we love it. If we remove humanity a bit from its throat, it will show itself.

Are you interested in watching A Life on our Planet? It is a good idea to watch the documentary. It is a documentary produced by a seasoned nature activist.

 He has trust and exposure around the globe. It would help if you watched this documentary. Only education and political motivation can eliminate the threat to humanity. The countries should recognize the issue and fight against it along with environmental activists.

The great expert has provided us awareness. Now we should get to the action.

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